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Recruiting general & technical logisticians

Our logisticians have diverse backgrounds and experience: they are engineers, construction managers, architects, farm managers, water and sanitation experts, project managers, and more. 

At any one time, around 3,000 international personnel contribute to a global team of over 35,000 Médecins Sans Frontières staff who provide emergency medical care in more than 60 countries. Skilled professionals from Australia and New Zealand fill more than 200 field positions annually and logisticians are crucial to every Médecins Sans Frontières project.



We're looking for humanitarian logisticians

As a logistician, you must be able to manage large teams. Your team will include national staff, local contractors, and sometimes other international staff. You will be responsible for interacting with local suppliers, and may also be interacting with authorities and other organisations.

All potential logisticians (general or technical) must also comply with the Essential Criteria for all Field Workers and have availability to work in-field for 9+ months.

General Logisticians 

Your skills & experience

Practical skills and experience in at least 2 of the following: mechanics, energy and electricity, procurement and supply chain management (including cold chain), construction, water and sanitation, IT 'trouble shooting', radio and communications equipment, warehousing and stock management. 


  • Experience in  administration (finance, human resources), project or event management
  • Experience with pump and generator maintenance

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Technical Logisticians


Your skills & experience

  • Basic engineering skills
  • Experience as a construction site foreperson or in building services coordination
  • Experience with contract writing, budgeting, reporting


  • Qualification in architecture, civil engineering, building design
  • Experience in any/all of carpentry, plumbing, construction
  • Drawing skills or site planning experience
  • Experience with procurement of or negotiation for building supplies

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Mechanics (including biomedical)
  • Experience with pump and generator maintenance
  • Experience with vehicle maintenance
  • Qualifications in vehicle or medical equipment mechanics
  • Experience with the installation and maintenance of medical equipment

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Water & Sanitation
  • Qualification in either chemistry, civil engineering, geology, hydrology
  • Experience in any of:  building wells and boreholes, water quality monitoring, pollution, waste management
  • Experience in water filtration techniques

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  • Qualification and licence as electrician or degree in electrical engineering
  • Experience coordinating the design and implementation of electrical projects
  • Available to work infield for  3+ months
  • Experience with pump and generator maintenance


Individuals recruited as logisticians may have the opportunity to undertake an internal training course prior to their first placement. The course outlines specific technical policies, procedures, tools and software we use to manage logistics in the field.  Médecins Sans Frontières covers basic costs to attend this course.

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