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Rohingya Crisis: Update

After surveying refugee populations in the Cox Bazaar resettlement camps, the most conservative estimates suggest that between the 25th of August and 24th of September, at least 6,700 Rohingya were killed in violent attacks against them. This includes at least 730 children below the age of 5.
The survey gives the clearest indication yet of the widespread and indiscriminate nature of this violence forcing Rohingya to flee en masse or remain and be killed.
In conducting the survey of the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, Médecins Sans Frontières was horrified both in terms of the numbers of people who reported a family member had died as a result of the violence, but also the horrific ways in which they had been killed or severely injured.”
Gunshots were the cause of death in 69% of the violence-related deaths; followed by burned to death in their houses (9%); and beaten to death (5%). Young children were not spared: more than 59% of children below the age of five who were killed during were reportedly shot; 15% burned to death in their home; 7% beaten to death and 2% died due to landmine blasts.
We need your support to continue providing urgent medical care to people in countries like Syria, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.