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After more than two years of conflict, the situation in Yemen is extremely dire

26 Apr 2017

Millions of people across Yemen are in critical need of aid in order to survive in a country where the economy has largely collapsed, basic services struggle to function, and social safety nets are strained. Many of the patients we treat, and the families of the medical staff with whom we work, have lost their livelihoods and face illness, rising prices and shortages of essentials including food, fuel and electricity. Civil servants, including medical staff, have received no salaries for months. Clean water, decent sanitation and basic hygiene items are often unavailable. Massive numbers of people have had to leave their homes because of the violence, with many families forced to settle in overcrowded, unsafe locations. Faced with ever increasing medical needs, we have expanded our operations, reaching a budget of US$70 million last year. Today, Médecins Sans Frontières has more than 1,600 international and Yemeni staff working in 12 hospitals and 18 health centres across the country, showing that it is possible to provide direct humanitarian aid in an effective way.