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A Year in Pictures: Trying to tell thousands of stories in just 17 images

20 Dec 2019

After sifting through the more than 8,000 photos that we released over the last 12 months (November 2018 – November 2019), we’ve chosen the below series of simple, yet powerful images we think represented the scope of our work in 2019. These pictures of the year make up just a part of our témoignage, our bearing witness, to what our teams see and do every day. 

A man, his child on his shoulders, looks to jump on a train as they migrate north through Mexico. December 2018. © Christina Simons / MSF
A man looks down the staircase in a building that makes up part of the former Turin Winter Olympics Village, where hundreds of migrants and refugees now live in often harsh conditions. MSF runs a project that promotes residents’ access to local health ser
MSF Nurse Svitlana Plygun examines patient Tetiana, 54, in Vodiane. The mobile clinic in Vodiane operates in an abandoned home with no electricity. Ukraine, February 2019. © Nico D’Auterive / MSF
Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Maria Teresa Ingalla examines the x-ray of a patient injured by a gunshot in the abdomen. Al-Salakhana hospital, Hodeidah, Yemen, April 2019. © Agnes Varraine-Leca / MSF
Ahmed, 38, a Palestinian shot and wounded by the Israeli army on 14 May 2018, looks around an abandoned building with his children. Palestine, April 2019. © Mohammed Abed / MSF
Baby Alaa has just been born, weighing 3 kg and measuring 51 cm, at the MSF birth centre in Rafik Hariri University hospital. Midwife Josianne and Nurse Nagham assisted his mother in the delivery, and both mother and baby are in good health. Beirut, Leban
An aerial view of the town Buzi and the devastation caused by Cylone Idai. Mozambique, March 2019. © Pablo Garrigos / MSF
MSF nurse Bárbara García and Nyamach play with a balloon made from a surgical glove in the inpatient ward of MSF’s hospital in Ulang, in northeastern South Sudan. April 2019. © Igor Barbero / MSF
Detained refugees look out through a gap in the gate at the Zintan detention centre. Libya, June 2019. © Jérôme Tubiana / MSF
A 24-year-old displaced Yezidi man, struggling with mental health issues, poses in his tent on Mount Sinjar. Iraq, September 2019. © Emilienne Malfatto / MSF
A six-day-old baby girl, rescued with her mother and brother two days earlier from a wooden boat, sleeps in a makeshift crib in the women's shelter on board the Ocean Viking. Mediterranean Sea, September 2019. © Hannah Wallace Bowman / MSF
John* and Jean* hold each other’s arms in the Kabinda hospital centre, which treats people with advanced HIV. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, August 2019. © Pablo Garrigos/MSF *Names have been changed
MSF doctor Djenabou Diallo examines her 77-year-old patient Bambi Gandega, who has breast cancer, in Bamako. Mali, September 2019. © Mohammad Ghannam / MSF
Friends and relatives welcome Austin back home after being discharged from Nsanje District hospital. He was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with advanced HIV. Malawi, October 2019. © Isabel Corthier / MSF
A 12-year-old girl does her homework during the last daylight hours in front of her family’s hut in Kalehe internally displaced people’s camp in Masisi territory. North Kivu province, Democratic Republic of Congo October 2019. © Pablo Garrigos / MSF
A child is checked for malnutrition during MSF’s mobile clinic in Wechniyaath, in the wake of severe flooding in Ulang district. South Sudan, November 2019. © Nicola Flamigni / MSF
A young man stands on top of his family’s makeshift shelter in a camp for Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar. Bangladesh, July 2019. © Anthony Kwan / MSF