DRC: Survive amidst violence and displacement

05 Sep 2023

More than one million people have fled the fighting linked to the resurgence of the M23 armed group in North Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Hundreds of thousands of them currently live in complete destitution in overcrowded camps in Goma and its surrounding area. 

Intensified conflicts and deteriorating conditions have exposed displaced people to health risks and violence within overcrowded camps, often lacking access to basic necessities such as food and shelter.

Displaced women are particularly exposed to violence. Sexual exploitation and violence are directly fuelled by the living conditions and the lack of assistance. Most of the displaced women in the Goma camps live under constant threat of intrusion in makeshift shelters made of foliage and pieces of plastic. 

Justine, Alice, Tuliza and Agnes are four women who have been displaced by the fighting linked to the resurgence of the M23. These women tell of the violence they fled or suffered, and of their daily struggle to survive.

Shot in Kayna, Kibirizi, Kaynabayonga and Goma, Tomorrow or the day after, we're going home documents the violence endured by displaced women in their home and during their exile, and bears witness to the needs of hundreds of thousands of people, displaced and trapped in a deadlocked conflict. 


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