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Experience from the UK and Greece

01 Nov 2014

1st stop was London, the Londoners are a bunch of friendly people, and the weather was okay not cold, not too hot. I have seen things that I normally see on TV. The London taxis, I travelled on one and they are a bit weird with opposite seats, I was on my way to the BBC studios. I did a radio and TV interview, and saw were all things happen sort of like a news room.

So apart from that I have seen where Her Majesty stays in Buckingham Palace and also saw the guards. I went inside the House of Parliament and met a MP there, I saw Big Ben, Trafalgar square, the London eye, Royal garden, and of course ate English breakfast in London style! I have done lots of talk, TB related nothing formal, and not like Paris, in Paris it was very busy there. In London it was very chilled and also saw a play in Covent Garden, from there I was on my way to Greece.

Going out from the airport in Greece I felt that it was too hot, not an average South African summer. It was in a weekend at night so we searched for something to eat quickly before I go rest in my hotel room, nothing different from SA on night life; the youth was out in numbers in pubs and clubs having a good time. On the morning it was time to meet the Health Forward pips and for a little site-seeing by the famous Acropolis, it was so hot!! 

Then the food, the best was the Greek salad, the best part about the Greek salad is the feta cheese. Also they have cold coffee on ice, I thought it was not nice, but I tried one myself and it was great. Both trips were too nice, and it’s an eye opener to see all those different people from around the world.