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Influx of war wounded in Hodeidah, Yemen

12 Nov 2018

Fighting has intensified in Hodeidah, Yemen and the latest offensive launched November 1st has left dozens wounded. Dr Chris Hook is working inside the city at the MSF-supported Al Salakhana hospital.


You can hear shelling and bombing most of the day and most of the night.

Fighting has intensified in Hodeidah, Yemen

Chris Hook is a doctor, he’s working inside the city at the MSF-supported Al Salakhana hospital

Mainly shrapnel injuries and injuries from explosions… So we’re seeing people with amputations of limbs, major chest injuries, major abdominal injuries and very large, deep wounds and some requiring amputation of the limbs.

Launched November 1st, this latest offensive has left dozens wounded

Many of the people have left so the city in many parts is quite empty.

If you visited the downtown areas, many of the shops are closed, it’s definitely difficult for many of the people to get good food.

Water is often in short supply and only comes to the houses a few hours every now and then. 

Many of the roads have been blockaded with either sand or with trucks and other things.

The people that are left are mainly people who don’t have really anywhere else to go.

It’s difficult for them to leave and we’ve seen patients who suffered injuries as a result of an attack as they tried to leave.

MSF teams are facing an influx of war-wounded in the governorates of Hodeidah, Hajjah, Aden, Saada and Taiz