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Jordan: "The Gaza war taught us... we are surrounded by danger every second"

15 Jul 2016

Nora Abdullah is 28 -year-old and comes from Gaza, Palestine. ‘’I arrived to Jordan first time at the end of September last year, and I had to undergo nine surgical interventions. My injuries were quite severe, especially in the face and jaw area, which was caused by a bomb explosion in my house in Beit Lahiya. I can still remember every single detail of the day of the incident. It was around 09:00 AM, on the second day of Eid Al-fitr in 2014, during the Gaza war. 

I was preparing breakfast in the kitchen, and all of a sudden, a shell came through the window and exploded. My husband passed away immediately, and I got severely injured in my lower jaw. Luckily, none of my three daughters was hurt, as the explosion was far from their room. My husband died in his bed, and the emergency team could not do anything to save his life. I was hospitalized immediately to Al Shifaa hospital in Gaza, where I had to undergo a few surgeries, including skin grafts, and clearing splinters off my body. This treatment lasted for over a month, before I was transferred to Egypt to continue the treatment. I had to undergo three surgeries in Egypt; my face and lower jaw were severely damaged, and I needed a more specialized care, so I decided to go back to Gaza, in order to be closer to my family. 

"I was preparing breakfast in the kitchen, and all of a sudden, a shell came through the window and exploded"

We waited for a year, before we got an approval to travel to Jordan. We had applied for a treatment at Médecins Sans Frontières' Surgical and Rehabilitation of War Casualties hospital, and luckily I was able to travel to Jordan with my father. We arrived there after a long and tiresome journey, but it was worth it. After the surgeries were done, my lower jaw movement got much better, and my ability to talk and eat improved so much. I am very happy that this phase of treatment is over, and I can go back to my family, within a few weeks’ time. The Gaza war taught us that the price of preparing a breakfast meal can prove to be very costly; we are surrounded by danger every single second.’’