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Lebanon: Meet patient Rasha and her newborn baby girl!

18 Dec 2018

MSF Midwife Ola, Rasha and her daughter are in a follow-up appointment, after the birth of Rasha's daughter in MSF's Majdal Anjar clinic in Lebanon.


I am Rasha and this is my daughter, she's only fifteen days old, delivered through caesarean. 

I have two boys and three girls and I come to the MSF hospital so that I can check on my health and the health of my newborn daughter. I've come here today for a follow-up appointment.

She's healthy!

I'm very happy that I can provide, as a midwife, that I build trust with the patient. Being a refugee is very hard.


Rasha is thinking of calling her new baby 'morning dew' in Arabic. This is her fifth baby. She says 'that's enough for now.'