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MSF treats war-wounded in Hodeidah, Yemen

13 Dec 2018

Fighting has intensified in Hodedeidah since Nov 1st. MSF teams have treated over 100 war-wounded in thecity's Al Salakhana Hospital in just a few weeks.


This elderly man sustained bullet wounds in Hodeidah
He’s being treated by MSF’s teams in Al Salakhana Hospital
On November 1st the fighting intensified in Yemen’s main port city Hodeidah 
MSF’s teams there have treated over 100 patients in just a few weeks

“You can see the bullet was the length of her little foot. There’s a few broken bones, they’re still taking a little bit of time to heal. She’ll stay with us a little bit, until we can get her up and walking again and make sure there’s no infection”

Half of the war-wounded treated at Al Salakhana are women and children
The hospital and MSF teams working there are close to the frontlines
Every day, they hear shooting nearby and explosions in the city
Stray bullets are common around the hospital

The situation is raising concerns about the safety of MSF’s staff and patients

In November,
MSF teams treated 
more than 750 war-wounded
from Hodeidah 
in its hospitals
in Hodeidah, Mocha, 
Aden, Abs and Hajjah