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Yemen: Up to almost 900 patients coming in per week

18 Aug 2016

Suzel is an Médecins Sans Frontières Australian nurse on a field mission in Ibb, Yemen.

After Ramadan and the Eid celebrations, the hospital went back to its normal routine…even if there is nothing such as “normal” in Ibb! It’s difficult to know what is really happening with the fighting. We still receive numerous wounded from Taiz but also injured people from a place closer to Ibb where clashes seem to become more frequent. This morning there was an explosion in the city and we received injured people from the blast.

"This morning there was an explosion in the city and we received injured people from the blast."

Our resuscitation room is busy as ever. Dr Dominique, our ER doctor, did a wonderful job during his time here. Our ER doctors are more confident than ever and the quality of care given to our patients is great. Training with our nurse has started with two sessions a week. The attendance and the participation in these training sessions has been very good which is very encouraging. We have been running Basic Life Support sessions and even the hygienists and the crowd controllers are attending.

Our Community Health workers have started to visit the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in and around Ibb. As a result, our Outpatient Department has seen an increase in patients coming into the hospital – up to almost 900 a week. Road traffic accidents remain the main cause of injuries presenting at the hospital and sadly they remain also the main cause of death, with quite few children amongst the victims. Over the last few weeks the house has quieted down again, with some of our international staff having left and new staff soon to arrive to replacement them.

It’s already been six weeks since I arrived back in Ibb and my compulsory break is coming up. So I’ll be leaving next week to go to Djibouti for six days rest (that’s including 3 days travelling!).  Hopefully Kalyana, our new ER doctor who is waiting for her visa, will be still there. We worked together back in January, and I am really looking forward to see her again, to go to the markets in Djibouti, to try some of their nice restaurants and just to be able to go out of the house.