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As an organisation with experience in managing humanitarian and health crises, including large-scale epidemics in countries with limited resources, we have focused on providing strategic, technical, logistical and medical support in Spain at local and national levels.

To alleviate the overstretched health services, we've prioritised decongesting hospitals and healthcare centres by setting up temporary hospitals for mild and moderate cases so that ICUs can focus on assisting severe cases.

We have two temporary hospitals about to become operational. The first has a capacity of 100-beds to accommodate people with moderate symptoms at the University of Alcalá de Henares, located 31 kilometres east of Madrid. Patient care will be handled by staff from the nearby Hospital Príncipe de Asturia, enabling the hospital’s emergency department to receive more severe patients for admission to ICU.

The second has been set-up in in a sports centre near the Hospital Severo Ochoa in Leganés, 11 kilometres southwest of Madrid.

We're also offering support and advice on the decongestion models to several other hospitals in Madrid.

In Barcelona, we participated in the design of the external structures and patient circuits of the main hospitals in Barcelona, including Fira de Barcelona with a capacity of 300 beds. We are also operating in the area of central Catalonia, attending to the needs of municipal hospitals.

We're also devoting our attention to strengthening protection of the elderly, one of the most vulnerable groups in this epidemic. Apart from providing advice to nursing homes on risk assessment, measures to reduce transmission, and managing residents confirmed to have COVID-19, MSF is extremely concerned about the situation of elderly people dying alone, without their families, something that is also a concern in hospitals.

We are currently advocating for palliative care for people who are terminally ill, and dignified farewells to be facilitated between patients and families in their final hours as well as after they have died. It believes this level of comfort can be provided while still maintaining due respect for distance and protection measures, as well as limiting the number of those present. 


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