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Emergency Responses

Over the holiday period, Médecins Sans Frontières teams have been working tirelessly responding to emergencies, including the tsunami in Indonesia, the Ebola outbreak in DRC and the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

In Indonesia, our teams are on the ground providing urgently needed medical support to the local population affected by the tsunami that hit Sunda Strait on 22 December 2018.

*Statistics as of 09/01/2019. Image: A Médecins Sans Frontières midwife dressing the wounds of a tsunami survivor in the shelter. © Cici Riesmasari/MSF

To enable us to continue providing essential medical care in the face of conflict, epidemics and natural disasters, please consider making a donation to help us prepare for urgent medical needs in 2019 and beyond.

Please Donate Today

$60 could buy 142 packs of therapeutic food for malnourished children 

$160 could buy two surgeon's tool kits, including everything from scalpels and forceps to scissors and clamps

$270 could buy 15 safe delivery kits to assist mothers and babies during childbirth

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