The war in Gaza is relentless. Thousands of civilians have been killed. Around 1.9 million people have been forcibly displaced and living in dire conditions with limited humanitarian assistance for months.

The relentless airstrikes and invasions have pushed an estimated 1.7 million people into the small town of Rafah, in the south of Gaza, deprived of essential needs like water, food, shelter and medicines. 

The latest evacuation orders by Israeli forces means people in Rafah are being displaced once again and there is nowhere safe in Gaza for them to turn. People in Rafah now face a triple risk of being bombed or shelled; death by disease; or starvation - in a place where the healthcare system has been decimated and any humanitarian response has been limited. 


There are no safe spaces. There is nowhere for the one million people in Rafah to go. We must not allow the Rafah offensive to continue. If this continues, you will see an unimaginable loss of life.

Arunn Jegan
Former head of mission, Palestine

What are MSF doing in Gaza?

Our teams are offering surgical support, wound care, physiotherapy, post-partum care, primary health care, vaccination, and mental health services, but systematic sieges and evacuation orders on various hospitals are pushing our activities onto an ever-smaller territory and limiting response.

More lifesaving aid is needed. There are not enough hospital beds, not enough supplies, and not enough medications. Surgeons are having to perform amputations without anaesthesia.

As a medical humanitarian organisation working in the middle of the conflict in Gaza, MSF is calling for an immediate and sustained ceasefire. We are calling on the Israeli authorities to stop the indiscriminate bloodshed and civilian harm, allow the safe evacuation of trapped civilians, and allow the delivery of desperately needed humanitarian aid throughout the Gaza strip.

MSF is neutral, impartial and independent. We can do this because of your donations. Help us provide support to those affected by conflict, emergencies and lack of access to healthcare. 

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