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Recruitment Info Webinars

Webinar - Logistics

29 November 2016 6:30pm

This webinar will introduce potential candidates to Médecins Sans Frontières as an organisation, and the role of the logistic department in the field.  It will focus on the different profiles that are appropriate for logistic deployment, realities in the field, training opportunities, supports services available and the career opportunities for international staff.

Start time: 6:30pm AEDT (Sydney)

Our Panel

Rachel Creek - experienced field worker, recruiter and our webinar host

Jezra Goeldi - experienced field worker (Logistics Manager)

Susan Bucknell - experienced field worker (Logistics Supply)


Live Q&A

Have a question for our panel during the live stream? Ask it now in the comments box below.

Please note that our panel will not be able to assess your individual suitability for recruitment tonight. We will prioritise questions where others can benefit from the answer as well. If we don't get around to answering your question during the live stream, we will endeavor to answer it post-event online in the following days.