Geography Curriculum Resources

The following resources are carefully designed to meet the learning requirements of students studying Geography from year’s 7-10 according the Australian school curriculum. The resources are designed to be a supplement to learning and focuses on the work of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) within the context of these subject areas.

Stage 4 Geography Resources


Resource 1: Water in the World – Deadly Drought

Teacher Notes

Syllabus Content:

a) Spatial distribution, cause and impact of the disaster
b) Responses by individuals, groups and government
c) Prediction of the impact of climate change
d) Management strategies to reduce the future impact of similar events.

Stage 5 Geography Resources

Resource 2: Sustainable Biomes – Food for Life

Teacher Notes

Syllabus Content: Challenges to food production

Investigate environmental challenges to food production for Australia and other areas of the world, for example:

  • description of the impact of water scarcity and pollution on food production
  • discussion of the impact of land degradation and competing land uses on food production eg urban expansion, biofuel production
  • assessment of the extent to which climate change can affect the capacity of countries to increase food production.

Resource 3: Changing Places – Forced to Leave

Teacher Notes

Syllabus Content: International migration

Investigate the reasons for and effects of international migration to Australia, for example:

  • analysis of international migration patterns
  • explanation of where and why international migrants settle within Australia
  • examination of characteristics and spatial patterns of Australia’s cultural diversity

Resource 4: Human Wellbeing – Combating Cholera

Teacher Notes

Syllabus Content: Human wellbeing and development

  • analysis of contemporary trends in human wellbeing and development

Spatial variations in human wellbeing

  • investigate causes, issues and consequences of spatial variations in human wellbeing
  • description of spatial variations in human wellbeing and development between and within countries using selected indicators

You will also find more supplementary resources about cholera on our ‘Deadly Diseases’ page in the school resources section.

Resource 5: Human Wellbeing – Taking Action

Teacher Notes

Syllabus Content: Improving wellbeing

Investigate initiatives to improve human wellbeing in Australia and other countries, for example:

  • evaluation of initiatives by governments and non-government organisations to reduce spatial variations in human wellbeing