Mental Health Specialists

As a mental health professional you will play a critical role in our projects, both in emergency and longer term program contexts. In the field you may be providing support to those experiencing sexual violence, suffering from the consequences of conflict, epidemics/pandemics or as a result of natural disaster.

Experience in providing support in PTSD and Trauma based programs are especially valued,​ as is clinical experience providing support for people with severe mental illness. All Mental Health Specialists require post graduate Clinical qualifications and a minimum of 2 years post-qualification clinical experience.



In addition to meeting the essential criteria for all fieldworkers, the below outlines the essential criteria for various mental health profiles. 



  • You must have a Clinical Master degree in either Psychology or Counselling and at least two years clinical experience after graduation, providing individual therapy.  
  • Experience supervising and training other mental health clinicians is highly valued
  • Working with translators, and or experience in transcultural settings is helpful
  • People with a medical background must display no recent gap in clinical experience greater than two years
  • Available to work in the field for 6 months   



  • Psychiatrists selected for field positions will usually be required to provide a combination of individual patient care, as well as supervision and training of inexperienced clinicians. 
  • Clinicians will be expected to treat mostly adults outpatient settings. 
  • Experience in child and adolescent mental health is valued
  • MSF uses WHO validated protocols and Psychiatrists should be willing to work in a team environment in low resource settings.  
  • Resident in Psychiatry with a minimum of 3yrs experience, with at least 2 years in adult Psychiatry are also welcome to apply. 
  • People with a medical background must display no recent gap in clinical experience greater than two years
  • Available to work in the field for 6 months   




Mental Health Nursing

  • Clinical Nurses with a minimum of 5 yrs. experience in clinical psychiatry, preferably in outpatient settings, may also be considered for mental health specialist roles. 
  • Extensive experience and training in counselling is required. 
  • Case management experience, particularly for patients with severe mental disorder, is highly valued. 
  • Experience supervising, training and managing other mental health clinicians is also an asset.  


Non-Clinical Case Workers

We regularly receive applications from highly skilled case non-clinical case workers, and in particular those with refugee casework experience. Whilst we recognize the importance and value that caseworkers have to offer, we do not currently have opportunities for non-clinical case workers

All Australian and New Zealand field worker applications are processed through our Sydney office.



Please view the Essential Criteria for all profiles. 
Mental Health applicants must complete a questionnaire in addition to the standard application requirements. Candidates' CV and questionnaire will be reviewed and validated by a MSF Mental Health Technical Advisor prior to an interview being offered. 

If you are ready to apply you can start an application using the link below. Allow approximately 1 hour and please have ready your CV and motivation letter. 

If you’re not yet ready to apply, use the link below to register to receive updates from our Field Human Resources team including information on upcoming recruitment events.

Mental health specialists recruitment webinar 

Meet some of our mental health specialists