Water and sanitation Specialists

Water and sanitation specialist  

As a water and sanitation specialist working for Médecins Sans Frontières you will plan, coordinate, implement and monitor all water, health and sanitation (WHS) activities in the project, including, but not limited to: water supply, excreta disposal, waste management, hygiene, and infection control.

You will work with medical teams to identify WHS needs, and make recommendations for response activities. This can involve providing technical support to the medical team in identifying possible ‘risk factors’ (e.g. behavioural practices, environmental sources of infection, and transmission routes) and offers solutions for infection control. You will also plan and review budgets for the WHS activities in order to identify and give a response to the needs of the mission and the targeted population.

Your skills in cross cultural human resource management and communication will be important, as the role involves providing technical support and coaching to staff under your responsibility.


  • Compliance with Essential Criteria for all potential Field Workers
  • Qualification in either hydrology, chemistry, civil engineering, geology
  • Experience in any of:  building wells and boreholes, water quality monitoring, pollution, waste management
  • Previous experience in technical aspects of water and sanitation works


  • Experience in water filtration techniques
  • Experience of WHS in Emergencies
  • Public health background or experience
All water and sanitation specialists are hired as logisticians. Médecins Sans Frontières logisticians come from a range skill sets and backgrounds: they are engineers, fleet managers, construction managers, architects, farm managers, project managers, and more.
All Australian and New Zealand field worker applications are processed through our Sydney office.
Refer to our Benefits and Opportunities page for further information on how MSF supports you as a fieldworker.  


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