Water and sanitation specialists

The water, hygiene and sanitation (WATSAN) specialist is responsible for ensuring the supply of good quality water to health facilities and/or people deprived of water because of a conflict or natural disaster, etc. Liaising with the medical team, the WATSAN manager is responsible for hospital hygiene; setting up vector disease control, building showers and latrines, and the infrastructure required to dispose of sewage and clinical waste.            


  • Management of the WATSAN equipment required by the project: procurement, installation, maintenance and supervision of equipment.
  • Organisation of the project's WATSAN infrastructure: small-scale construction and refurbishment works, and other water, hygiene and sanitation activities.
  • Supervising and training logistics teams and locally employed and/or international personnel.
  • Providing logistical WATSAN support to medical teams.
  • Working with medical teams and project coordinators to define operational strategies and logistical objectives of a project.



  • Compliance with the essential criteria for all potential candidates.
  • Qualification in either hydrology, chemistry, civil engineering, geology or equivalent.
  • Minimum three years professional and hands-on experience in water and sanitation (e.g. water, hygiene, waste management, sanitation, vector control, building wells and boreholes).
  • Professional experience in people management, supervision and administration.
  • Available for assignment for a minimum of nine months or longer.


  • Experience in water filtration techniques
  • Experience of water and sanitation in emergency or development contexts
  • Public health background, environmental or healthcare sanitation experience

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Please apply if your skills and experience match the requirements for this role and the essential criteria for all international staff, listed above. Allow approximately 1 hour to complete to application.

Before starting the application, please prepare the following: 

  1. CV
  2. Motivation letter 
  3. Skills assessment form