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Georg Gassauer/MSF
14 Feb 2024

Measles admissions to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) facilities in Maiduguri, Northeast Nigeria, spiked between October and December 2023, reaching record numbers. Despite the vaccination efforts, this worrying situation calls for a rapid reinforcement of routine immunization campaigns.

 Diphteria vaccination campaign in Batha Province, Chad
14 Feb 2024

A diphtheria epidemic is currently raging in the Batha region of central Chad. Since June 2023, more than 825 cases and 36 deaths have been reported. 

The MSF emergency room in Chaman, 130 kilometers north of Quetta © MSF/Gul Nayab
08 Feb 2024

After sixteen years, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is handing over its emergency room services at the district Headquarters hospital to the medical authorities in Chaman, a town 130 kilometers north of Quetta, Pakistan, on the border between Balochistan and Afghanistan.

Syria earthquake

In northwest Syria, earthquake survivors still face the emotional aftermath and damage to infrastructure already weakened by a decade of war.

view of mother and child waiting at MSF clinic in Zamzam camp
07 Feb 2024

The malnutrition crisis in Zamzam camp, North Darfur, requires an urgent humanitarian response as an estimated one child is dying every two hours.

Marie-Aure Perreaut Revial MSF Emergency Coordinator
02 Feb 2024

Marie-Aure Perreaut Revial has recently returned from Gaza, where she worked as the emergency coordinator for MSF. Here she bears witness to the experiences of the MSF staff and patients she met during her time there.

 MSF medical staff discussing with patient and checking on newborn child in the Emirati hospital, Rafah, southern Gaza.

The war in Gaza has completely disrupted access to maternal healthcare, exposing both mothers and their children to serious and even life-threatening health risks. 

view of Al Hol camp

The women, men and children detained at Al-Hol camp grapple with numerous challenges, including limited access to water, inadequate sanitation facilities, and a healthcare system inhibited by restrictive security practices.

Mother ds her new baby in front of MSF hospital in Wad Madani
25 Jan 2024

Amid ongoing conflict in Sudan, people’s access to healthcare is increasingly limited.

MSF urges the Sudanese authorities to ensure restrictions – including limiting travel permits for staff – are not reinstated.

A displaced woman holds her child as she takes refuge in Alsafat Camp in Al Jazirah state.
16 Jan 2024

Since the Rapid Support Forces (RSF)'s attack in Wad Madani on 15 December, more than half a million people have fled the fighting and insecurity, including about 234,000 internally displaced people.