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destruction in Gaza
11 Oct 2023

The situation in Gaza is catastrophic; the hospitals are overwhelmed. The number of wounded is extremely high – there is a constant influx into all the hospitals in the Gaza Strip. The medical teams are exhausted, working around the clock to treat the wounded. Léo Cans, MSF head of mission for Palestine provided us with an account of what he is witnessing.

MSf team member in Herat
10 Oct 2023

Following on from the earthquake that hit Herat in western Afghanistan on Saturday, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) head of programme, Yahya Kalilah, shares an update on the current situation.

MSF logo
10 Oct 2023

Shelling struck the MSF supported Al Nao hospital in Omdurman, Sudan on October 9, leaving four death and several injured.

MSF staff prepare a medical supplies donation

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is preparing a medicine and medical consumables donation to hospitals and health facilities in Gaza, Palestine, after conflict escalated with Israel on the weekend.

MSF logo
25 Sep 2023

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Australia wholeheartedly supports a First Nations Voice to Parliament, enshrined in the Constitution, as an important step towards improving recognition and representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  

MSF logo

In August 2023, Médecins Sans Frontières Australia (MSF) was notified by a previous third-party telefundraising supplier, Pareto Phone Pty Ltd (Pareto), that Pareto had suffered a data breach event. MSF engaged Pareto Phone for some years, up to 2018. 

Elena*, from Donetsk

People displaced from the Russia-Ukraine border region cope with the trauma of fighting as they work to survive.

The small city of Talat Nyakoub has been severely affected with many bultings collapsed
05 Oct 2023

Fouzia Bara, a French-Moroccan nurse with MSF emergency response team, shares her experience  providing first psychological aid to the people in the Morroccan villages affected by the earthquake.

MSF Health promoter Aisha working in the White Nile state project in Sudan.
04 Oct 2023

Aisha, a health promoter with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), works in refugee camps supporting woman and children displaced by the conflict in Sudan.