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19 Jul 2022

In the aftermath of communal violence in Rakhine state, Myanmar that erupted in 2012, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have been forced to live in squalid, overcrowded camps in Rakhine state for the past 10 years. Movement restrictions mean they are denied access to healthcare services, livelihoods opportunities and education.

18 Jul 2022

Ongoing humanitarian efforts in Ukraine aren't being carried out alone—volunteer networks, non-profit organisations (NGOs), and civil society groups remain essential to ongoing work.

12 Jul 2022

A growing, yet largely ignored, malnutrition crisis is unfolding in northwest Nigeria, which threatens the lives of tens of thousands of children.

Since January, MSF teams, working in partnership with Nigerian health authorities in five northwestern states, have already treated more than 50,000 children with acute malnutrition, including 7,000 who required hospital care. MSF fears that the situation will soon become untenable without increased lifesaving humanitarian support.

07 Jul 2022

Our new report, Left to Drown in the Southern European Border: One year of Geo Barents at sea, details testimonies and medical data from our first year of search and rescue activities on the Geo Barents.

04 Jul 2022

The overturning of the constitutional right to abortion in the US this week, enshrined since the Roe vs Wade ruling of 1973, has brought attention to the issue of access to safe abortion care worldwide and how this essential service needs safeguarding from political debate.



01 Jul 2022

Sami Al-Subaihi is MSF’s Emergency Project Coordinator in Twic County in Warrap State, South Sudan. He shares his urgent concerns for more than 20,000 people who fled violent clashes in and around Agok in Abyei Special Administrative Area, more than four months ago, and who are now living in six makeshift displacement camps. He says the lack of food and proper shelter, dismal water and sanitation conditions, and impending rainy season, all spell disaster for the coming months.

27 Jun 2022

Following the earthquake that struck Khost and Paktika provinces in Afghanistan on the night of 21 to 22 June, MSF sent teams made up of medical and logistical staff to the worst-affected areas.

25 Jun 2022

The Directors of Communications at Médecins Sans Frontières release the below statement addressing issues of problematic imagery and their use.

22 Jun 2022

Harrowing stories from patients being evacuated on Médecins Sans Frontières’ (MSF) medical referral train show that the war in Ukraine is being conducted with an outrageous lack of consideration for civilian protection. 

20 Jun 2022

Since 2016, MSF has been providing free access to healthcare services to those who fled Hawija during the control of the Islamic State group, including those who have since returned and those who chose not to leave. 

Many healthcare facilities were either partially or entirely destroyed during the battles to retake Hawija from the control of the IS group, leaving the returning population with reduced access to much-needed healthcare services.