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Palestinians in the West Bank face death and displacement as violence escalates.

Chad influx of refugees

36 wounded people were received by MSF teams across the border in eastern Chad over the past weekend alone. 

MSF teams are supporting Gazans displaced in West Bank

Following the attacks carried out by Hamas on 7 October, around 6,000 Gazans are now displaced in the West Bank, some living in deplorable conditions. 

mobile clinics
10 Nov 2023

After the devastating monsoons in Pakistan in 2022, MSF set up a community-based malnutrition program in the remote part of Dadu district.

MSF in Gaza

All Médecins Sans Frontières international staff unable to leave Gaza since 7 October have successfully crossed the Egypt border via the Rafah Crossing.

MSF medical evacuation train
01 Nov 2023

 This was the second time MSF has had to evacuate patients from the same hospital in the past year as a result of attacks on the facility.

Mother feeds son therapeutic milk

In North Kivu province, an average of 800 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition have been admitted each month of 2023 for treatment to hospitals in Mweso and Masisi.

MSF in Gaza

On Sunday 29 October, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) sent 26 tonnes of medical supplies on a World Health Organisation plane to Egypt, under the coordination of the Egyptian Red Crescent, to support the emergency medical response in Gaza. 

Destruction in Gaza

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) calls for an immediate ceasefire to prevent more deaths in Gaza and allow desperately needed humanitarian supplies in.

herat earhtqyake survivors
27 Oct 2023

Herat Province in western Afghanistan has been hit by three powerful earthquakes as well as innumerable aftershocks of varying strengths. Earthquake survivors share their stories.