Supply Chain Managers

As a supply manager with Médecins Sans Frontières you will supervise the daily purchase and transport of supplies, ensuring our programs run smoothly. In the field, this may include order processing, procurement, warehousing, transport and coordinating with customs departments. You will work to ensure the stability of supply activities within regular and emergency intervention of the concerned projects. You will also plan and review budgets for the supply chain in order to identify and give a response to the needs of the mission.

Your skills in cross cultural human resource management and communication will be important, as the role involves training and evaluation of staff under your supervision.

All supply managers are hired as logisticians. Médecins Sans Frontières logisticians come from a range skill sets and backgrounds: they are engineers, fleet managers, construction managers, architects, farm managers, water and sanitation experts, project managers, and more.


  • Diploma or higher in Logistics/Transport, Procurement, Supply Chain Management
  • Minimum of two years professional experience in supply chain management, e.g. needs assessment, order management, purchasing, stock management, freight management, transport and customs, and warehousing


The essential criteria is an overview of the minimum requirements for international staff. Please note, these can change without prior notice in response to organisational needs. To work overseas with MSF, every applicant must meet the following requirements:

Work in a diverse team

The ability to work and live in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams in contexts that are often complex, unstable and isolated, requiring strict respect for the local culture, teams and security rules in force.

Experience with limited resources

Clinical/working experience in environments with limited human resources and materials, such as isolated islands, remote areas, or developing countries.

Work in a low tech environment
Management experience

Hold management / supervision experience and have experience teaching / mentoring teams.

Commitment to the goals and values of MSF

Adhere to the MSF Charter and to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust and Empowerment.

Commitment to a career with MSF

Commitment for 2+ assignments. We are looking for people that want to commit to multiple assignments and a long-term career in humanitarian aid. Hiring and training an employee is a major investment for MSF and we want to hire international staff who want to grow within the organisation. 

Ability to cope with stress
Flexibility and adaptability

Contexts, environments, team composition can change quickly. Flexibility and adaptability are critical for a successful MSF assignment.

Work independently and use initiative

Ability to work independently, organise and prioritise work, and use your initiative.


Language skills

Knowledge of French or Spanish, or willing to learn.
Other languages including Portuguese, Russian or Arabic are an asset.


  • Read the benefits and opportunities for further information on how MSF supports you as a fieldworker. All Australian and New Zealand field worker applications are processed through our Sydney office.
  • If you're interested in staying up-to-date, then register to receive updates from our Field Human Resources team on upcoming recruitment events and on which roles we’re hiring for.
  • Join our upcoming logisticians webinar on 18th July to find out more about the role of a logistician from three experienced panelists.


Please apply if your skills and experience match the requirements for this role and the essential criteria for all international staff, listed above. Allow approximately 1 hour to complete to application.

Before starting the application, please prepare the following: 

  1. CV 
  2. Motivation letter 
  3. Technical CV for skills assessment (below)