Emergency Fund

Through Médecins Sans Frontières Australia's Emergency Fund (EF), you can ensure our teams are ready to respond wherever and whenever crisis hits.


We launched this fund to solve two critical problems: 

  • When disaster strikes, we must respond immediately. We need quick access to resources so we can send our medical-humanitarian teams and supplies as soon as possible.
  • Not all emergencies receive the attention they deserve.  Our core values of independence, impartiality and neutrality guide us to provide humanitarian aid where it is needed – not where a crisis is getting the most media coverage and therefore the most donations.  

Acting Fast

In the hours after an emergency occurs, it’s vital  we move fast – our priority is getting skilled assistance to those who need it, not wrangling red tape. 

In the hours after an emergency occurs, it’s vital we move fast – our priority is getting skilled assistance to those who need it, not wrangling red tape.

The Emergency Fund ensures that we have adequate financial resources ready so that we don’t lose precious time. We usually don’t know the scale or scope of our response until after an initial assessment (or ‘explo’) at the site of the crisis, and it’s only at this point we can estimate how much money we will need in order to make the most positive impact for those affected.

Responding to Need

While some catastrophic emergencies capture the world's attention, and are widely covered in the news, many are not. The level of reporting is not equal to the level of medical-humanitarian need, and due to the 24/7 news cycle, attention often moves on while vast needs remain. 

We know our supporters don't always hear in the media about emergencies that need their support MSF Australia and MSF New Zealand’s joint Emergency Fund allows our donors to help in emergency situations based on where the needs are greatest – even when they don’t make a single headline.  

How your money is used.  

It’s very important to us that you know exactly how the money you donate to the Emergency Fund is put to use to help people in the most meaningful way.

We prioritise the emergencies where the need is greatest.  This may be the emergency featured in the communications, it may be under reported emergencies that you may not have heard of, it may be toping up our reserves to allow us to respond quickly.  Each year we will report on how the funds were used in our annual report.  

We will maintain our social mission ratio. We will ensure that at least 80 per cent of the donations to the Emergency Fund go to our social mission. It is important for us to ensure strong governance and management of our operations in Australia and New Zealand. We will limit these costs as much as possible. 

How can you help?

Our teams rely on support from people like you to enable us to mobilise as soon as a crisis occurs to help in whichever way we can. Our financial independence enables us to freely evaluate medical needs, reach communities in need without restriction, and directly provide high quality medical care.    

Your generous gift can help us respond immediately when an emergency strikes.