Our Association

The Association  

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is a vibrant movement made up of people from all corners of the world who share a common purpose: to save the lives and alleviate the suffering of people in danger by delivering medical care where it is needed most. 
Our success is a testament to the people who have dedicated their time and expertise to MSF’s work overseas and at home. Our staff – past and present –  shape the organisation’s future by participating in the MSF Association. 
How do MSF Associations work? 
The MSF movement is currently made up of 24 national or regional associations. The Associations make sure that MSF remains true to its purpose, principles and values and help shape the future of MSF. They are united by a shared commitment to the MSF Charter. 
The MSF Australia Association 
The MSF Australia Association is made up of past and present MSF field workers from Australia and New Zealand. The Association comes together in regional networks in each capital city and during the Annual General Meeting.  
The MSF Australia Association members elect a Board of Directors who govern on their behalf. The Board takes responsibility for the actions of MSF Australia and New Zealand and works to guarantee that the MSF principles are respected. 
The Board delegates the responsibility of the implementation of the strategy to an executive team. 
We discuss 
Being a member of the Association means having a voice. We discuss and debate everything, all the time: it is part of the MSF culture! The discussions happen in the field and at home.
We support 
The MSFA Association offers field workers peep-to-peer support from people who understand the realities of delivering medical aid in the world’s most challenging places.  
We are ambassadors 
Becoming a member means taking collective responsibility for MSF. Because the people making the decisions have worked with MSF, the organisation stays focused on medical care and our core principles: independence, impartiality and neutrality
The MSF Associations turn our organisation in to a powerful movement, lead by the people who work for us and understand the needs of our patients from first-hand experience.