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ICU Doctors

The Intensivist Medical Doctor (MD) is a clinical leader for a group of Intensivists and general doctors working in the ICU and providing consultation in other areas of the hospital.

In some of our contexts you could be asked to work in Emergency Medicine (EM) setting/ service, where your Intensivist knowledge could be used to perform and improve the health care.   

As an Intensivist MD you supervise the care provided in a closed-unit model ICU, with ability of HFNC, NIV, and mechanical ventilation and/or possibly supervise EM teams.

You ensure that intensive care and EM medical activities for COVID-19 are implemented according to MSF polices, protocols, and universal hygiene standards.

Finally, you increase the knowledge and practical skills of the ICU/ EM staff through on the job training and knowledge transfer to ensure quality care is provided to the patients.



  • Compliance with Essential Criteria for all potential Field Worker
  • Specialist certification in Intensive Care / Critical Care or equivalent. Intensive Care / Critical care specialty or subspecialty trainees near completion of training may be considered 
  • Available to work in the field for 6 weeks (effective in the field) to 4 months     
  • People with a medical background must display no recent gap in clinical experience greater than two years



  • Availability to work in the field for 4+ months
  • French language



Please view the Essential Criteria for all profiles.
Please submit your CV in this template.


If you are ready to apply you can start an application using the link below. Allow approximately 1 hour and please have ready your CV and motivation letter. 

If you’re not yet ready to apply, use the link below to register to receive updates from our Field Human Resources team including information on upcoming recruitment events.