The main role of an MSF nurse manager is to define, coordinate and monitor all care and nursing related activities in the project, requiring daily HR management to ensure the efficiency, quality and continuity of prescribed care. Capacity building to improve the knowledge and skills of the nursing team while strengthening teamwork is also a priority. The scope of work is diverse and varies greatly depending on the location and goal of the project, including pharmacy/medical device management, hygiene management, hospital data management, efficient report creation, hospital infection control, and public health activities.                                


  • Planning and organizing all nursing related activities (IPD, OPD, maternity, nutrition, etc.) and participating in the definition of annual planning and update of its associated budget When needed, being responsible for scheduling duty rosters, shifts and on call of nursing staff.Provide training and follow-up to improve knowledge and skills of locally hired team members
  • Oversee the selection process for newly hired local team members
  • Manage pharmacy/medical devices
  • Collect, manage, and report data; monitor project functions
  • Control hospital infection
  • Conduct public health and outreach activities, such as vaccine campaigns and mobile clinics
  • Collaborate with the human resources department, logistics department, and finance department
  • Lead diplomacy and negotiations with related organizations when required


  • Compliance with all of the essential requirements for all potential candidates
  • RN (Div.1) status
  • Minimum of six years post-qualification experience AND experience in three of the following areas (for minimum of two years each): emergency, ICU, infectious diseases (STDs, HIV/AIDS, TB), hublic Health, surgical/post operative care, operating theatres, oncology, paediatrics (especially NICU, neonatal care), and obstetrics
  • Degree or clinical experience in tropical medicine
  • Over one year of infection control experience
  • Available for assignment for a minimum of nine months or longer
  • Current practising certificate and must display no recent gap in clinical experience greater than two years
  • Willingness to abide by Médecins Sans Frontières medical protocols


  • Additional studies in one of the following: refugee health, international public health, or infectious diseases (especially TB and HIV/AIDS)
  • Clinical experience with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis


Please apply if your skills and experience match the requirements for this role and the essential criteria for all international staff, listed above. Allow approximately 1 hour to complete to application.

Before starting the application, please prepare the following:

  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Skills Assessment Form (below)

Use our guide on how to write a CV for MSF to help you prepare your application.

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