Project Finance/HR Managers

All our projects require competent personnel to support the medical staff and keep activities running from an administrative perspective.  As the person responsible for project finances and/or human resources (HR), you will undertake one of the most diverse and challenging roles within a Médecins Sans Frontières team.

The HR/finance manager provides comprehensive project administrative management related to HR and finance, indispensable to MSF’s activities. For large programs with more than 200 staff members, work may be divided between a human resources (HR) manager and a finance manager. For highly experienced HR and finance professionals, after gaining project experience, you may be validated in a coordinator position.     


Human Resources

  • Recruit local staff, manage employment contracts (creation/renewal of job descriptions), and arrange post-employment training/skill development and evaluation
  • Arrange leave, create work shifts, and manage movement and accommodation of staff
  • Process payroll, confirm monthly salary calculation data (absence/leave, overtime, salary prepayment, etc.) for locally hired staff, and make use of a salary table appropriate to the employment environment of the country in question
  • Manage human resources and labour compliance in accordance with the labour laws of the country in question
  • Negotiate with related parties (local authorities, etc.) and process paperwork


  • Analyse personnel and finance-related needs for each project to allocate and manage an appropriate budget
  • Predict required expenses and execute workflow (cash management, money transfer, prepayment, payment processing, payment approval, payment confirmation, bank account adjustment statement)
  • Operate and manage financial transactions using human resources and finance software
  • Report monthly/annual account settlement, personnel affairs, general affairs, and financial affairs   

What do finance and HR managers do?

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  • Compliance with all of the essential requirements for all potential candidates
  • Degree in finance, management, HR or administration or relevant equivalent
  • Minimum of three or more years professional experience in one or both of the following:

       •  Accounting, budgeting, financial planning, financial control, financial reporting, cash flow

       •  Human resource management and policy principles in areas such as recruitment, performance management, staff payroll, tax, labour law

  • Professional experience in people management, supervision and administration
  • Advanced computer skills including Microsoft Office applications (in particular Word, Excel)
  • Available for assignment for a minimum of nine months or longer


  • Ability to understand and function in different legal environments
  • Available for longer-term commitment of 12 months or more
  • Desirable working experience with MSF or other NGOs, in humanitarian settings


Please apply if your skills and experience match the profile requirements and essential criteria above. Note: all Australian and New Zealand applications are processed through our Sydney office.

Allow approximately 1 hour to complete to application. Before starting the application, please prepare the following:

  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Skills assessment form (below)

Use our guide on how to write a CV (below) to help you prepare your application.

If you’re not yet ready to apply, use the link below to register to receive updates from our Field Human Resources team including information on upcoming recruitment events.

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