Warning: Scams & fraud misusing MSF's name

Please be aware there have been cases of individuals posing as Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) staff in order to scam people out of money. 

MSF has received reports of third parties attempting to fraudulently obtain money on our behalf via email, social networking websites or apps, or in person at public locations. 

The following is a list of scams and hoaxes that have been brought to our attention (please note this list is not exhaustive):  

  • People posing as MSF staff, or acting on behalf of MSF staff, on social networking websites or apps in order to lure unsuspecting members of the public to send funds to cover the travel costs of the alleged MSF staff member to return from a field mission.
  • People posing as MSF staff who have been detained on their way home and asking for money to be transferred in order to secure their release from detention.
  • People posing as MSF staff requesting money to pay for individual medical procedures for fictitious patients.
  • An individual or individuals carrying out what appears to be fraudulent collections of money in public locations, while pretending to represent MSF.  

Please note that these scenarios are situations that MSF staff never find themselves in.

MSF staff in the field have access to funds in an emergency situation and so have no need to request financial support from anyone, for either themselves or their patients. 

All MSF staff have channels of contact if they find themselves in an unfortunate situation like losing their passport or have trouble with a visa. We will always provide the support they need to get home. 

Unsure if you have been scammed? 

Unfortunately, there is very little we can do to stop scams such as these and others from happening. If you are unsure if you are the subject of a scam or fraud involving a supposed MSF staff member, please get in contact with our Supporter Relations Team.

What to do if you have been scammed 

As soon as you are aware of a scam or fraud, please contact us immediately. We also strongly suggest that you follow the advice of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) on their ScamWatch.gov.au website.