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Emergency Doctor

As an emergency doctor working for Médecins Sans Frontières you may be responding to and assessing medical needs after a natural disaster, treating survivors of armed conflict, or training local teams on responding to a mass casualty event.
Your clinical skills and resourcefulness will be put to the test while you work in locations where the health care infrastructure may have completely fallen apart, or while you work to diagnose and treat medical conditions not found in Australia and New Zealand. Your managerial and administration skills will be called upon as you supervise large teams of local staff and manage busy emergency departments. You will not be facing these challenges alone - Médecins Sans Frontières provides expert technical support including extensive guidelines and protocols.


Candidates being considered for the position of “ER Doctor” must fulfill ONE criteria from Category A, and ALL criteria in Category B.
Category A (Must meet ONE)
  • Emergency Medicine Specialist who has completed training in an accredited emergency medicine specialty training program
  • Medical Doctor with minimum of 3+ years of training in emergency medicine recognised and accredited by ACEM (or equivalent body)
  • Specialist in another field who has completed training in that field who has emergency medicine experience and is able to function at the level of an emergency medicine specialist (e.g. Intensivists, Anesthetists, Internists, etc)
  • Emergency medicine doctor who functions at the level of an emergency medicine specialist (e.g. if from a country where emergency medicine is not a specialty or trained before it became a specialty).
Category B (Must meet ALL)
  • Compliance with Essential Criteria for all potential Field Workers
  • Management of paediatric emergencies
  • Management of trauma patients: resuscitation, multiple injuries, multiple patients concurrently, fracture reduction/splinting, etc
  • Management of mass casualty incidents
  • Ability to supervise the emergency department
  • Available to work infield for a minimum of 9 months


  • Clinical experience in areas such as Paediatrics, Anaesthetics, Critical Care, Obstetrics, or Minor Surgery


The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine may accredit time in the field, in specific situations and under certain conditions/criteria. Please contact ACEM for more information.
The nature of our work means that emergency doctors are often needed in very challenging, potentially high security contexts. If you are an emergency doctor, please keep this in mind.
All Australian and New Zealand field worker applications are processed through our Sydney office.

Ready to apply

Please view the Essential Criteria for all profiles.
Emergency Doctors must submit a Skills Assessment Evaluation in addition to the standard application requirements.

Please submit your CV in this template.

If you are ready to apply you can start an application using the link below. Allow approximately 1 hour and please have ready your CV and motivation letter. 

If you’re not yet ready to apply, use the link below to register to receive updates from our Field Human Resources team including information on upcoming recruitment events.