Construction Managers

The construction manager is responsible for refurbishing and building health facilities and any other constructions MSF may need for its programs, such as accommodation, offices, pharmacies and warehouses, etc. Skills in cross cultural human resource management and communication will be important, as the role involves providing technical support, on-site construction supervision, and coaching to staff and /or sub-contractors under your responsibility.


  • Management of equipment required by a project: procurement, installation, maintenance and supervision of construction equipment.
  • Organisation of a project's infrastructure: construction and refurbishment works.
  • Supervising and training logistics teams and locally employed and/or international personnel.
  • Working with medical teams and project coordinators to define operational strategies and logistical objectives of a project.
  • Draft specifications for tenders, follows up on offers, oversees and signs off on completion of construction projects.
  • Draw up plans and file requests for building permits to relevant authorities.
  • Track financial and budgetary aspects of works.



  • Compliance with the essential criteria for all potential candidates.
  • Different profiles are needed for the construction talent pool, depending on the construction stage or the task that needs to be accomplished. Education requirements include any of the following: 
    •  Degree in architecture (project Lead, lead designer architect, architect)
    •  Degree in civil and/or architectural engineering (project lead, structural engineer, construction lead)
    •  Degree in mechanical engineering (building services engineer)
    •  Certified construction professionals (builders, site managers, carpenters etc.)
  • Minimum mandatory work experience:
    •  Architects: four years' experience covering all construction project stages from Concept Design on, relevant site management experience mandatory
    •  Civil/structural engineers: four years' experience covering all construction project stages from Technical Design on, relevant site management experience mandatory
    •  Construction professionals: four years' experience including building construction and site management experience mandatory
  • AutoCAD proficient
  • Experience with contract writing, budgeting, reporting and tendering
  • Professional experience in people management, supervision and administration
  • Available for assignment for a minimum of nine months or longer


  • Project management and knowledge of medical facilities.
  • Experience in carpentry, plumbing.
  • Experience with procurement of, or negotiation for, building supplies.

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Please apply if your skills and experience match the profile criteria and the essential criteria for international staff. Allow approximately 1 hour to complete to application.

Before starting the application, please prepare the following:

  1. CV 
  2. Motivation letter
  3. Skills assessment form

Use our guide on how to write a CV to help you prepare your application.